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Revolutionise was created in 2013 by its Founder, Neil Storey, who set out to support medical professionals and healthcare organisations in achieving positive change. Revolutionise works with healthcare professionals to understand, translate and improve patient care. Our aim is to help each healthcare organisation, team and professional, to effectively deliver the very best service to patients. Our ambition is to transfer our skills and knowledge to your organisation, building internal capability so that you can continue to improve on your own. Of course, we are there to support you along the way, as much as you need.




Pharma MI is our domain expert associate in the pharmaceutical industry. It was established in 1998 and is an independent, director owned, international healthcare management consultancy, delivering a range of promotional effectiveness, integration and modelling of data, and Key Account Management solutions always with a focus on implementation. From their offices in the UK they are working on projects in the UK, Australia, Canada, Continental Europe, the USA, Latin America, Japan and S.E Asia. They have developed a unique range of powerful business applications, which enable pharmaceutical companies to gain a real insight into their sales and marketing information and improve the effectiveness of their promotional activities.






GeoMedicine utilises geo-spatial data to provide more efficient, effective and specific clinically led solutions for the Health sector. The outputs from GeoMedicine permit rapid and accurate visual comparisons between correlated data sets, which may not be readily visible to Health providers, patients, regulators, commissioners and suppliers. The correlations are translated into care pathways and cost improvement plans, which reflect emerging trends in demographics, population movements, spatial parameters, sickness, disease and other parameters relevant to well-being and longevity. The results are often better clinical outcomes with improved resource allocation achieved at a lower cost. GeoMedicine is led by colleagues who are involved in the Health sector in the UK and other jurisdictions. Their philosophy is to lead from clinical matters and derive appropriate care solutions.









KUDU Client Services are a health care consultancy company, with more than 25 years of industry experience.


• UK, Europe, US, Japan and global insights experience across business planning, clinical trial valuation, dashboard development for pre and post launch assets.
• Advanced forecasting (multiple therapy areas)
Business development and asset evaluations
Early stage assets through to launch, In-line assets and competitive evaluations
• NHS data expertise – full access to e-PACT, QOF, HES, Choose & Book
• Alignment expertise – multiple territory alignments conducted for both primary care and secondary care environments. 

UK and International


The Strategic Intelligence Alliance (SIA) was established by senior executives and Business/Executive Intelligence specialists from Engineering, Finance, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences & the NHS. Our primary objectives are to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our domain experts along with successful models and methods developed when working in industries around the world. To provide high quality data analytics services and actionable insights to NHS bodies at an affordable price to improve patient and resource outcomes.